Anthem AZ Utilities

Below is a list of the Anthem AZ utilities that service the homes in Anthem AZ.


Arizona Public Service (APS)



Southwest Gas



Republic Services (Homes East of I-17)

City of Phoenix (Homes West of I-17) Solid Waste


Water Services

EPCOR Water (Homes East of I-17)

City of Phoenix (Homes West of I-17)



Cox Communications



Emergency Services

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Arizona Department of Public Safety

Arizona Department of Transportation

Daisy Mountain Fire Department – Station 142

Phoenix Police Department

Maricopa County Vector Control

Good Samaritan Regional Poison Center

Mendy’s Place (John C. Lincoln Children’s Emergency Center)

John C. Lincoln Urgent Care


General Services

United States Postal Office – Daisy Mountain Station

North Valley Regional Library

North Valley Posse